Momo and Heechul Reportedly Broken Up

TWICE member Momo and Super Junior member Heechul have reportedly ended their relationship after a year and six months of dating. Keep on reading for all the details. On Thursday, July 8, an entertainment official told Maeil Business Star Today that Super Junior's Heechul and TWICE's Momo have broken up. According to the official, their relationship started deteriorating due to how busy the two individuals were. They stated that both of them were very busy with their careers, and they naturally began to drift apart because of that.

As they wished to focus on their careers, the two chose to end their romantic relationship and return to their senior-junior relationship. Following the reports that stated TWICE's Momo and Super Junior's Heechul had parted ways, JYP Entertainment, the company that houses Momo, has confirmed the news. According to the agency, after confirming with the Momo, they can confirm that the couple has recently parted ways. Label SJ released a separate statement acknowledging the break-up. They ask for people's understanding, stating it is difficult to divulge details concerning the break-up as it is the artist's private life. Momo and Heechul were first embroiled in dating rumors in August 2019, but at the time, both parties had denied it. It was known that Momo was Heechul's ideal type, with the latter loudly proclaiming his affection for the former on numerous television programs. During TWICE's appearance on "Knowing Bros," a show Heechul is a cast member of, the two were often paired with each other and showed their undeniable chemistry. Reports started coming out that the two were dating once more on January 1, 2020. However, this time, both Label SJ and JYP Entertainment confirmed that the two were in a relationship. On October 30, 2020, Joy News 24 released the results of a survey asking entertainment companies, broadcasting company employees, film and broadcasting content products, and entertainment department reporters what the hottest issue in the entertainment industry in 2020 was. Momo and Heechul's relationship news topped the survey. Kim Heechul made his debut in 2005 in the KBS youth drama "Sharp." The male has since been active as a member of the SM Entertainment boy group, Super Junior. He is also known for his variety sense and is a cast member for several variety shows, such as SBS's "My Little Old Boy" and JTBC's "Knowing Bros." Born in Kyoto, Japan, Momo debuted as a member of TWICE in 2015. Following their breakthrough track "CHEER UP," TWICE has released numerous hits such as "TT," "YES or YES," and "Feel Special."

Rain Purchases Building In Seoul For $80.2 Million

Rain has purchased a building in Seochodong, Seoul for $80.2 million USD. According to reports on July 8, the singer and actor recently signed a contract to buy a building near Gangnam Station in Seochodong, Gangnam, Seoul for 92 billion Won ($80,213,502.80 USD). It's said the building is located in a "super station" area, a 2-minute walk from Gangnam, with a land area of 486 square meters and an architectural area of 2,904 square meters.

Hospitals, oriental medicine clinics, shoe stores, jewelry shops, and cafes are reported to bring in more than 200 million Won ($174,228.70 USD) in monthly rent income alone. Rain reportedly sold his building in Cheongdamdong, Seoul for 49.5 billion Won ($43,123,914.90 USD) this past June, making about 30 billion Won ($26,135,706 USD) in capital gains. Actress Kim Tae Hee, his wife, is also said to have sold a building in Yeoksamdong, Seoul for 20.3 billion Won ($17,685,161.06 USD) in March, earning 7.1 billion Won ($6,185,450.42 USD).